The eye and instincts of a photographer.

The vision of a creative director.

The mind of an account executive.

The energy of a producer.

The muscle of a drill sergeant.

Meet Timmi Wolff

She is more than a rep for photographers and directors. She is more than a production guru. She is a Wolff in sheep's clothing. A champion of the dream. An advocate of perfection. A nit picker. A stickler for every detail, every dollar. (Yes, account supervisors love her as much as creatives do.) Just ask the ad agencies, design firms, private companies, nonprofits and the divisions of the U.S. government she and her team have served for 30 years. Wolff & Company is the ultimate clearinghouse for shoots that bring your creative to life and keep the process fun, smart, on time and on budget.

Take a moment now to see for yourself.

Representation of Photographers & Directors

Production & Project Management

Full Photo + Video Production Services

Budget Estimates/Reconciliation/Scheduling

Source & Negotiate Crew/Stylists/Talent/Locations/Catering


Photo Retouching/Composite/Editing

Covid-19 Response: Compliance & Safe Set Certified

Partial Client List